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EOS Solutions Joins 3D PDF Consortium


EOS Solutions to Lead Advancement of 3D PDF as Founding Member of 3D PDF Consortium

ROCHESTER, Mich., Feb. 13, 2012—EOS Solutions, LLC (www.3eos.com), in conjunction with the 3D PDF Consortium (www.3dpdfconsortium.org), today announced a global initiative to promote the development and adoption of 3D PDF as an open standard for visualization, collaboration, data exchange and the long-term archiving of 3D data.

A Founding Member of the 3D PDF Consortium, EOS Solutions has been at the forefront of integrating customized 3D PDF solutions into complex manufacturing operations since 2007.

"From 3D PDF manufacturing work instructions for U.S Army Vehicles, to improving engineering release processes for Goodrich Aerostructures, we [EOS] have had the unique opportunity to create 3D PDF solutions for organizations that understand the incredible value of adopting 3D PDF as an open standard," commented Steve Prast, EOS Founder and Managing Director. "The Consortium is a phenomenal vehicle to promote that understanding on a global level."

"It was really important for the 3D PDF Consortium to have EOS Solutions as a Founding Member at the Governing level," said Dave Opsahl, 3D PDF Consortium Executive Director. "Their experience creating and implementing 3D PDF solutions for some of the most complex operations in the world will be invaluable to the Consortium moving forward."

About EOS Solutions, LLC

EOS Solutions, LLC (www.3eos.com) leads business process innovations related to the operation of complex systems, such as product manufacturing, oil and gas extraction projects and maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO) logistics. As global thought leaders in systems modeling and digital process manufacturing, EOS creates 4D simulation and 3D visualization solutions that deliver actionable intelligence with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. EOS is a Quantum Ventures of Michigan (www.qvmllc.com) company.

About 3D PDF Consortium

The 3D PDF Consortium is a community of companies interested in collaboration of dynamic 3D data through PDF files. Software providers, systems integrators, government agencies, and businesses that provide and consume 3D data solutions look to the 3D PDF Consortium to demonstrate the success of these solutions within the market and promote 3D PDF as a solution to improve business results. The 3D PDF Consortium promotes 3D PDF adoption through demonstrating best practices and generating awareness of the power of 3D-enabled PDF to solve a multitude of communication and collaboration challenges across various industries. For more information on the 3D PDF Consortium, please visit




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