3D PDF Consortium

PDF Week May 2012 Update

Date:     01 August 2012 

To:          Consortium Members

From:    Executive Director

Subject:               Summary of ISO 32000 and TC171 Activities

 The following summary of the results of the “PDF Week” activities in Toronto May 21 – 25 are below. Please note that this is only a summary; detailed documentation requires ISO membership.


The May meeting in Canada for the various PDF/PRC working groups resulted in:

 1) PRC 1.0 Review voting results: no votes against, 13 votes in favor; 4 countries submitted comments some of which were technical. The comments were all reviewed and 'disposed' (a technical ISO term meaning the comments were reviewed and an action was taken to either 'accept, reject, accept in principle). Since there were technical comments that were accepted, the Draft International Standard (DIS) cannot go to publication “as is”.  The comments were all discussed and in each case an edit proposed to address the concerns. The committee passed a resolution to incorporate all these proposed edits into a new draft to be circulated in late June for a 2 month DIS (essentially a 2 month review period for the next draft and a vote). The goal is to have voting results to discuss at the next PDF week event in Berlin this fall. 

 2) NWI (New Work Item) for PRC 2.0  - committee resolved to do start a NWI for PRC 2.0 and created a list of potential features for consideration. Top of the list is use cases from industry subject matter experts to guide the technical feature scope discussions.

 3) PDF/E - This is in the Committee Draft stage and there is still time for technical content. We (ISO) are attempting to setup a liason between PDF/E and LOTAR (LOng Term ARchiving) to enable LOTAR to review and comment on the drafts. LOTAR's interest centers on archival use cases for 2D and 3D engineering content in PDF.  

 4) ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0) – An ad hoc committee formed and met to review 3D Javascript requirements for ISO 32000 part 2.   There is time to submit technical content but the window is very small - content needs to be submitted in final form by early August 2012.