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3DPDF Consortium - Transforming Visual Communication

The digital world is everywhere. Our buildings, our plants and factories, our means of transportation, of defense all start life as a digital definition. Increasingly, this means being created in a three dimensional form. Designing things in 3D allows us to make things better, faster, and cheaper, but it does not end with design. The challenge now is how to take advantage of that 3D information to make anything and everything associated with imagining, designing, realizing, maintaining, and using these things.


It has been said that over 85% of all the information available on the Internet exists as PDF documents, and for good reason. The ability to consume a PDF file is present on over 95% of all Internet connected devices worldwide. PDF defines ubiquity, and is the original "app" – focused in purpose, and easy to use. Now, PDF has the ability to include 3D data from most, soon to be all, applications that create these rich 3D definitions of things, and makes consuming that information as accessible as Adobe Reader or similar applications. It is literally transforming the way we communicate, in dramatic fashion.

The 3DPDF Consortium was created to foster the community of those organizations who rely on the effective communication of 3D information, and if your company is one of them, let us tell you more about what we are doing. We invite you to join us.

Who We Are, What We Do, and Who We Serve

The Consortium is community of organizations representing a broad cross-section of industry and institutions. Our focus is on meeting the needs of those members in a variety of ways. We place the priorities of the users of 3DPDF enabled platforms and solutions first, and strive to find ways to leverage knowledge and priorities across industries.

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For many of our members, we are the face of the 3DPDF industry to the standards community. We believe that by informing the larger community, and develop resources to meet their needs, that we can use our membership strength to continously develop and provide resources that facilite greater levels of usage of 3DPDF.

Want to know more?

For more information on how to join, please click here.

Here is an introduction to the Consortium that talks about what 3DPDF is, how it works, what its used for, who is using it, and how the Consortium is helping to push adoption of this unqiue platform.